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The brand Puma offers you a wide and varied selection of sports clothes and shoes for all kinds of occasions. Learn more!

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PUMA and Italian fashion brand NEMEN join forces to present a debut collection inspired by motorsports and military wear, focusing on high-quality materials and premium finishes.


"The first PUMA x NEMEN collaboration is inspired by F1 motorsport as well as military apparel. It combines the technical details of NEMEN with the sporting influence of PUMA. "

What is the background of the brand NEMEN?

Leonardo Fasolo started his career at Stone Island and C.P. Company before founding NEMEN in 2012. NEMEN has since aimed to create uncompromising products when it comes to their production quality and design. As an Italian brand that designs both garments and accessories, they combine innovative fabrics and dyeing methods to create utility products with a high-fashion look. All products are made in Italy, resulting in luxurious designs that are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. The perfect brand, then, when it comes to working with PUMA to create a collection inspired by Formula 1.


What distinguishes the special collection?

By designing timeless, technical products, the collection discovers innovative uses and benefits for apparel and footwear while staying true to the essence of motorsports. Unique details such as PUMA Disc technology, a lace-less closure system with a turntable, are incorporated into both footwear and apparel. The products are made from functional materials that are weatherproof, breathable and chemical-free. The apparel features high-quality finishes with rubberized, co-branded prints strategically placed to mimic a racing suit from motorsports through their placement. High-quality T-shirts, hoodies and crews offer unique designs as well as a selection of basics.





The two large sports article manufacturers Puma and adidas have a common history, which began in 1924, in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach. At that time, brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded the Gebrüder Dassler shoe factory. They soon started making sports shoes that were used in international competitions - and very successfully too. After the end of the Second World War, the two brothers had a difference of opinion and went their separate ways. Adolf founded adidas and Rudolf founded Puma. "Puma" was Rudolf Dassler`s nickname as a kid and, as the puma reflects the dynamism that`s so important for sports, the founder had soon settled on a name for his company. The Puma Rudolf Dassler shoe factory was officially registered in 1948. That same year, the company launched the Atom, its first football shoe. Soon after that, the brand began to design sports shoes with screw-in studs.


Rudolf Dassler came up with an unusually beautiful motif for his brand. The logo is the brand name in capital letters with a puma jumping from the "A" to the "P". You can often find the Puma logo without the lettering on different parts of several shoe models, like the heel tab. The silhouette of the jumping cat was designed by cartoonist Lutz Backes in 1967. Many shoe models also come with one or more on the side, usually undulating from front to back for a more dynamic look. This stripe was originally a special piece of the shoe designed to stabilise the foot - it`s usually white or of a different colour to the rest of the shoe and is another Puma hallmark.


Over the decades, Rudolf Dassler followed in his brother`s footsteps and signed several contracts with elite sportspeople. Armin Hary, Heinz Fütterer and Pelé are just three examples of athletes who performed in Puma shoes. Randy Williams and football star Diego Maradona also wore Puma models for their competitions. Another sports discipline in which you`ll find Puma is tennis. It`s not only the current Serena Williams and Guillermo Vilas who earn their victories in Puma sportswear but also Boris Becker and Martina Navrátilová in their respective times. The brand`s products are not just loved by athletes - they`re also ideal for all kinds of situations in everyday life. The label`s ambassadors include celebrities like runner Usain Bolt, motorsports star Lewis Hamilton and countless football and golf players. Even famous music artists are sporting Puma collections in public: Rihanna, Big Sean, Selena Gomez and the members of Korean band Bangtan Boys.


Dressing like a sports pro isn`t difficult. In our selection, you`ll find a great range of clothes and accessories in different sizes and designs. Just pick out your favourite models and find out how versatile they can be as part of leisure outfits.