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With the ASICS GEL-1090, ASCICS delivered a retro runner with legendary cushioning. A sneaker whose career began at the Olympic Games, but which feels at least as comfortable today during a relaxed walk through the city. And in the end, you get just the right dash of 90s-inspired runner look for relaxed everyday wear. Learn more!

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If the legend status of the cushioning hangs higher than that of the sneaker it is actually only supposed to support, the traditional either/or calculation follows. Either the shoe simply doesn't fire up too much excitement. Or the sole has long since made its way from legend to icon, regardless of the silhouette surrounding it. The ASICS GEL-1090 definitely joins the "or" faction. After all, hardly any other cushioning technology has survived the decades as relaxed without really ageing as ASICS' GEL. It first hit the tarmac in 1986, and as the cushioning at the bottom of the GT-2 and FREAKS, the Japanese brand had a panacea for all-too-comfortable runs in mind with its new technology. A remedy for joint and back pain. Some 35 years have passed since then - and still GEL is one of the most popular cushions for runners all over the planet, of course also thanks to some smart twists. So in 2003 ASICS also equipped the GEL-1090 with its technology. A runner with high-end cushioning, yet a cut below the premium segment. Less equals more. Maybe. In any case, ASICS ruled out compromise when it came to design. Instead of simply creating the next runner, the brand took a closer look at motorsport. Aerodynamically sophisticated, with flowing lines. What characterised racing cars and motorbikes should also characterise the ASICS GEL-1090 Sale in the future. At the same time, the sneaker was dedicated to visual minimalism. It worked then and it works today in the retro version, which is almost one-to-one with the original. Especially since the design of the Toebox also points visually to the past and thus fits perfectly into the present. What remains is comfort. In the truest sense of the word. Because even today the shoe, which even supported Olympic champions in Athens in 2004, is so relaxed to wear that you could get the idea of earning your evening meal by running a little marathon in advance. So cushioning definitely has a right to be a legend - and the sneakers in our ASICS GEL-1090 Shop have long been well on their way to becoming one, too.


The cushioning works. For decades. But to reduce the 1090 solely to GEL transports the focus to a much too small island. Because the sneaker can do much more - even beyond the retro runner silhouette. ASICS' tiger stripes are also part of it, of course. To this end, the ASICS GEL-1090 features stylised tiger claws on both the toebox and heel, while the lines of the midsole mimic the movement of a chequered chequered flag. Motorsport, ASICS takes it up again everywhere in the shoe. In a way, also technically. High-tech dominates. Because the GEL damping is only the beginning. The heel additionally helps to absorb shocks, while the heel cap increases stability. The EVA midsole improves reactivity during the run. The look varies again with various colourways; for example, the Trail Pack in earth tones. There are also monochrome white or black versions, as well as GEL-1090 offers with neon accents - and of course you can get the sneaker in various women's as well as men's versions in the ASICS GEL-1090 Store at Keller x.


  • (Original) name: Asics GEL-1090
  • First release: 2003
  • First colourway: Silver/Steel Grey
  • Designer: -


Combine the ASICS GEL-1090? No big problem. With wide chinos, relaxed tees, maybe a colourful, well-patterned fleece, retro runners with visual links to the 90s go together particularly well. The ASICS GEL-1090 is no exception. Of course, the sneaker also works well with shorts and a shirt, relaxed jeans or a relaxed skirt. On top you can choose freely. Beanie. Dadcap. Miki from Beton Ciré. Everything is possible in combination with the GEL-1090.


The base remains constant. GEL and retro-runner silhouette you get with every version of the ASICS GEL-1090. Experimenting allows the different colourways. At Keller x you can choose between neon accents, monochrome black or white, as well as traditional runner combinations with a light upper. You can order your favourite ASICS GEL-1090 online in our ASICS shop - directly after your selection, around the clock and completely relaxed with a click of the mouse.