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"Anima sana in corpore sano", in English "a healthy mind in a healthy body", sounds at first like a reasonable Latin saying. But if it is given to you on the war front by a friend, the sentence becomes too much more: hope, anchor point, philosophy of life. No wonder that Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka made these words a guiding principle on his return from the war in Japan in 1945, which was to be the starting point for the later sports brand ASICS. His war experiences shaped his dream of creating a brand that would enable young people to wear sportswear for a healthy and balanced life. Years later, the acronym of the Latin phrase, ASICS, was to replace the provisional name of the sports brand ONITSUKA Shokai, founded in 1949.


In 1950, ONITSUKA Shokai launched the world's first basketball sneaker, considered the most difficult sports shoe to design. With the attitude "when the biggest hurdles are overcome at the beginning, everything else is done" Onitsuka's steep success career in the sneaker business began. In an innovative way, he began to test new high-tech materials in exchange with athletes over the next decades. Resistant Vinylon instead of cotton, elastic sponges instead of rubber discs, Nylon instead of leather. His creativity drew inspiration from everything.

Thus, after an octopus dinner, the first air-permeable marathon running shoe was created, based on the air cooling systems of motorbikes, with knobbed, non-slip profile soles - which promptly prevented the annoying formation of blisters during running. In 1977 the brands ONITSUKA Co., Ltd., GTO Co., Ltd., and JELENK Co. were merged and the legendary sports company ASICS Corporation was founded with the brands ASICS and ASICS Tigers, which dedicated themselves to the slogan "Sport: the Universal Language". In the late 70s the hype about aerobics and running helped the renowned ASICS products to a worldwide breakthrough - from 1981 under the name ASICS Tiger.


To this day the unmistakable trademark of the ASICS sneakers: the double-curved lines that decorate the outer sides of the sneakers in contrasting colours. They cross in the middle like a dynamically curved double A and even remind of a distorted motorway sign. In 1992, the curved A was also created as an additional brand logo in front of the Latin acronym "ASICS". Like the striped design on the sports shoes, the initial embodies the unrestrained speed of running and the unrestrained dynamics of all sports.

The curved shape illustrates the solidarity of the combined initial brands, which together form the brand philosophy and core competence of ASICS. Memorable recognition marks that have lasted from the brand's first sports shoes to its first streetwear sneakers and conquered the lifestyle market in 2002 with the launch of the ASICS MEXICO 66, ULTIMATE 81, and NIPPON 60 models. Inspired by the wave of success of its sneakers, ASICS launched further ASICS articles in the form of a complete sportswear and sports accessory collection for the first time in addition to its core competence sneakers.


There are some cult sneakers that everyone has probably had before. The ASICS MEXICO 66 sneaker is definitely one of them - after the turn of two thousand it shaped the street style scene even before the athletic wave as one of the first hypesneakers. In 2007, the world's first ASICS Running Store opened in Tokyo in response to his success - shortly thereafter, other ASICS dealers with ASICS shops in London and New York followed. With a return to its roots, the sports brand changed its slogan "Sport: the Universal Language" to "Sound Mind, Sound Body." and since then has continuously expanded the ASICS offerings, such as the relaunch of the "ASICS Tiger" brand, to meet the needs of the constantly growing lifestyle market.

And with success: ASICS continues to shape the sneaker scene with outcomes that twist sneakerheads' heads. Last example: After Ugly Sneaker, Chunky Sneaker and Dad Sneaker ASICS, for example in cooperation with the Berlin It-Label GmbH, has managed to surprise the saturated sneaker market with the new It sneaker of the season, GmbH x ASICS GEL-KAYANO 5. The fact that the popular ASICS products can now also be bought online in luxury online shops and at exquisite sportswear shops such as Keller x says it all: ASICS has created a firm place in the hearts of all sneaker fans.


Behind the ASICS brand is not only the message "Anima sana in corpore sano". Wearing sports shoes in everyday life is also a powerful fashion statement, because they come in eye-catching colour blocks, elaborately structured soles or designs inspired by triathlon and other sports. The ASICS GEL-BND sneaker, which does full justice to the Ugly Speaker trend and with its cloudy soles, both multicoloured and completely white, is a true joy of combination variety, is particularly in the focus of the fashion pioneers. Fashionable women prefer to wear it in a style break with silk skirts, sweaters or wide jeans culottes - men style it simply and touchingly with turned-over cloth trousers and strikingly patterned camp shirts. Practical: the clumsy sole not only provides the trendy retro look. It actually uses the cushioning function of triathlon shoes, providing style and comfort in one.


The street style scene shows the way - courageously colorful ASICS models like the ASICS GEL-BND or the GEL-KAYANO 5 OG (by the way a unisex model, another plus!) are excellent for skilled style breaks. But they also cut a good figure with their sporty styling. Styled to the Jordan 23 Engineered Men's Tank Top, they become the perfect companion for open air festivals, casual city trips or training sessions, depending on the lower part - sweatpants, shorts or jeans.

And if you also want to be more stylish, you can thank the current monochrome trend: If you prefer tone in tone and your ASICS GEL-BND in white with white trousers and a white hoodie, for example the Nike Club Fleece Hoodie, you will look minimalistically chic in no time at all. Now discover your favourite ASICS in the innovative Keller x range!